Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Especially For Us
Everyone battling with addiction needs help. But in traditional treatment centers, many members of the gay and lesbian community feel reluctant to be open about their sexual orientation, fearing reactions from other patients (or even staff members). Overcoming addiction demands that we eliminate the lies and deception that have surrounded our use of drugs and alcohol. This is extremely difficult when an addict is worried about being judged—or worse—while attempting to get well. Sharing in one-on-one therapy, small groups, or with others in treatment is so much easier when one’s sexual orientation can be discussed freely. At Rainbow Recovery, staff and patients understand the unique issues
surrounding sexuality and addictive behavior. If you’re ready to tackle your addiction, we’re ready to help. For more than two decades, Spencer Recovery has offered an affirming, focused and comfortable treatment program for those in the gay and lesbian community struggling with addiction. In fact, we were one of the first treatment and detox centers in the nation to recognize the need for a “safe haven” where members of our community could deal with their substance abuse issues, together with other gays and lesbians.
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SAMHSA works to improve the quality and availability of substance abuse prevention, alcohol and drug addiction treatment, and mental health services. Includes links to community programs, information resources, events and articles.

Crystal Meth: The Nightclub Drug That’s Killing Gays

When the AIDS crisis hit, the gay and lesbian community bonded together, valiantly helping those who were afflicted. They worked to educate those who were negative, while advocating for new drugs and treatments for people who tested positive. Today, a new plague is decimating the gay community: crystal meth. It’s gone from being a “party and play” drug to a ruthless killer. Those who are addicted need the rest of the gay and lesbian community to work together and help them heal. Crystal users are at much greater risk for contracting HIV through unprotected sex while in a meth-fueled trance. At Options, we have a special passion for working with meth addicts, incorporating the latest and best tools and techniques for reaching recovery. We don’t feel the gay and lesbian community should settle for anything less. If crystal has you under its spell, we can help you get back to reality.

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