Alcoholism in the Gay and Lesbian Community

Gay Alcoholism

Society often does not understand that gay alcoholism has its own problems and stressors. Many alcoholics already feel alone in their disease, and being a gay alcoholic can lead to a person feeling even more alone and different from others. Spencer's Options has created a specialized alcohol treatment program that offers various care plans catering specifically to the gay alcohol addict. Alcoholism does not discriminate, affecting all races, ages, and sexualities. Gay alcoholics can be harder to treat, because most treatment facilities are not equipped to deal with problems such as discrimination and prejudice. In this way gay alcoholics are not provided with the best possible care and Options is proud to offer something different.

Alcoholism - Characteristics of Alcoholism
Alcoholism is a progressive disease and its most prominent characteristic is a person’s physical and psychological dependence on alcohol. Alcoholism has its own signs and symptoms. If you or a loved one could be suffering from alcoholism the symptoms discussed below will help you determine if there is a problem.

Alcoholism - Physical Craving for Alcohol
A physical craving for alcohol is a strong sign that there is a problem with alcohol. Cravings can be though of a need or obsession to drink that cannot be curbed until the person has another drink. These thoughts are unable to take into consideration other people, priorities and duties a person might have. When a craving occurs, drinking is the only thing a person can think about.

Alcoholism - Out of Control Behavior while Drinking

Becoming out of control while drinking is another sign of alcoholic behavior. Gay alcoholism and straight alcoholism have very similar symptoms although some of these may manifest themselves differently. Perhaps you told friends you would only have one or two drinks but find that you cannot stop after just two drinks and find yourself out of control physically or in a blackout (a period where you cannot remember what happened, but you are awake). These episodes often become more frequent and more dangerous as alcoholism progresses.

Alcoholism - Unable to Stop Drinking
Being unable to quit drinking is a sign that a person has developed a physical dependence on alcohol. For those suffering from alcoholism, this symptom can be both dangerous and uncomfortable because the body goes into withdrawal when it does not have the alcohol in needs. Withdrawal symptoms include delirium tremens, nausea, vomiting, hot and cold flashes and severe anxiety. In order to deal with these withdrawal symptoms safely and not have to take another drink to stop them, it is crucial that people with physical dependence seek a treatment center that offers a detox program. At Spencer our medical staff and facilities are equipped and able to handle alcoholics trying to stop drinking.

Alcoholism - Tolerance to Alcohol
Another symptom of alcoholism is becoming “tolerant” of alcohol. This means that you are able to drink more and more alcohol without feeling drunk, or you need greater amounts of alcohol to feel the way you used to feel. Having high tolerance contributes to alcoholism because it takes more to feel drunk so a person takes in more alcohol becoming dependent on it and making poor and irrational decisions while drunk.

Alcoholism - Alcohol Treatment at Options
Spencer's Options understands the need for an alcohol treatment facility that caters directly to alcohol abuse and the gay community. We want you to know that there is hope for a new life without the need for alcohol. By choosing alcohol treatment with Options, you or your loved one will feel safe and comfortable during the addiction recovery process and will be able to contribute to groups and therapy sessions. Our alcohol intervention and treatment programs offer a relaxing setting and our honest and open communication style makes it easier to talk about gay issues and other problems affecting gay communities.

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